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Mission & Vision

K. O. College, Gumla, initially Gumla College, Gumla was established by some local philanthropists on a plot by land of 57 Acres which was lavishly donated by Late Maharaja Lal Chintamani Sharan Nath Shahdeo, the Ratu in Jharkhand in July 1960. Initially this institution was incapable with a vision to light up a lamp of higher education in the dark forests where there was no reach of it among the vast backward, tribal and poor population in the area. Later on, the college was named after a great tribal leader, Late Kartik Oraon, who was himself a very learned person, an intelligent engineer by training and profession and was supposed to be an epitome of education among the people of this area in general and among the fellow tribals in particular. In such a backdrop, this institution has grown 60 years older now.

With a lapse of a longer time and larger experience, the college has evolved itself as an institution of hope primarily among the local population. In furtherance of the original vision, the institution intent to promote and build up a society, mainly inhabited by backward tribals and downtrodden, which can feel mainstreamed, free, liberated, equitable, having justice and empowered.

To envision the above mentioned goals, the institution sets its mission which can be enumerated as follows:

  • To take the benefits of higher education to the common people of the area in general and poor, tribals and downtrodden in particular.
  • To import various courses which can inculcate human values, ethical norms among students. Also, it can make the pupil-learners competent in creating a professional work force which may be able to empower the downtrodden.
  • To promote academic exchange via the academic - industry - society interface with the help of modern education and technology.
  • To promote moral and human values among students as an integral part of education and life.
  • To instill the sense of self discipline, leadership qualities, intellectual competence and scientific temper among students.
  • To make the institution equitable and accessible to national and local communities and overall inclusive in form and content.
  • Since the region of the Jharkhand state is considered as natural hub of sportsmanship and potency, it is desired to promote this institution as the nursery of sports and excellent centre of physical education.
  • To promote the excellence local-tribal culture through the academic impartment of tribal languages, literature, various tribal art forms and traditional technologies to nurture Indian culture as well as the global human culture.
  • To evolve this college with proper potential into a full fledged university like institution to cater to the needs of multifaceted - normative, scientific, professional, skill oriented, vocational courses of education in this tribal zone.
  • To evolve a culture of research and development (R&D), innovative approaches in education and entrepreneurship among student-learners.
  • To make the campus environment friendly to achieve the goals of sustainable socio-economic development.
  • The institution is taking slow but steady pace to attain the goals and mission with the hope that only “slow but steady” wins.