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Kartik Oraon College, Gumla


The Library

The college has a well stacked library with books on all the subjects taught in the college. It contains at present over 15,000 volumes with fresh editions every year. About 50 magazines and journals are subscribed by the library.


  1. After the completion of admission, the students gets library card. If the library card is lost afterwards, the student has to obtain its duplicate copy on payment of Rs. 10/- only.
  2. The student of Hons. course have the privilege of getting three books and the students for General (Pass) Course, two books can be issued from the library for a period of 7 days. If the books are retained for more than 15 days, an overdue charge of Re. One per day per book will be charged.
  3. Reference Books and Books of special kind are not issued to the student though she can read it in the Reading Room.
  4. Newspaper and magazines are issued to the students on production on identity card (only to be used in Reading room). Penalty for loss or damage will be charged.
  5. All books are to be returned to the library at the time of filling in the University Examination forms. Library cards are also to be surrendered at the time.
  6. At the time of getting books from the library the students are to examine whether the books are damaged or mutilated and report if any.